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Manoj Joshi

A twofold development of interest has been witnessed in the Indian real estate sector – the desire to live in comfort without compromising on connectivity, and the need to be cognizant of sustainable growth for the future. The projects we work on embody this ethos of balancing the two. This allows us to build properties like no other, solidifying its foundations in our homeland of Uttarakhand.

The state is much more than a seasonal tourist destination. Having had first-hand experience of its diversity, our experiences have underlined the effort to establish its reputation as becoming ‘home’ to people all around the country. Our employment efforts are focused on the locals to ensure the economy we contribute to is a stable one. Rather than developing in a manner that makes an organisation forget its roots, Shikhar Spaces has done its best to honour them in every way we can.


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Mr. Loream Epsom

Company Name

Mr. Loream Epsom

Company Name

Mr. Loream Epsom

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Mr. Loream Epsom

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