Why winter is the best season to buy property in Uttarakhand

Etheria in winters

Winter is the right time to buy a property in Uttarakhand. There are not one but many determining factors at work during the winter season of December to February that will guarantee that you make the right decision regarding the property’s location, price, and environment. These are subtle, yet significant signs. If you read them mindfully, they’ll help you narrow down your hill station property and even spin a “happily ever after” experience in the long run.

Mixing vacation with your property search

If you like to start your New Year with the warmth of family and friends, there is no better place than your home in the hills. Bonding over activities like boating, paragliding, nature walks, or sightseeing in the sparkling sun during the daytime and spending evenings around a fireplace or bonfire with a snack or two will create memories for a lifetime.

When you’ll visit Uttarakhand, particularly the Kumaon hills, around the New Year, you will notice the vibrant festive spirit palpable in the air. The adventurous lot from many parts of the country brave the biting cold and flock to offbeat places in the hill state hoping to experience the snowfall.

To see snowflakes lazily drifting through the vast expanse and covering the world around with a soft white blanket is an experience in itself.

One also has options to explore nature walks, boating in Bhimtal or Naukuchiatal lakes, sightseeing historical monuments, and much more. If you love the hills, your trip will be the opportune time to stop by the local offices of real estate developers and find out the possibilities of owning a second home tucked away in the Himalayas.

Choosing the best location for your Uttarakhand property

When you visit the project site in the winters, it will also give you an idea about the location, whether your second home will be in a crowded or offbeat setting. Does it offer an unobstructed view? How is the construction quality? You’ll know if there is seepage in the walls, because seepage tends to increase in the winter months. After all, you wouldn’t want to waste your money on subpar construction or a location that falls short of your expectations for a second home.

If the reason for buying a property in the hills is to seek a serene and peaceful setting that comes alive with nature’s music, then the humdrum of activity around upcoming real estate projects during the winter will give you an idea of how crowded the location will be.

A lot of people visit Uttarakhand during the winters mainly to experience snowfall. This thin stream of tourists transforms into a gushing, thick rush during the summers. Tens of thousands of people seeking respite from the prickly heat beeline to the hill state. The visitors’ swarm will give a clear indication of how crowded the surroundings of your second home will be in the summer season.

Upskill your winter management

It is that time of the year, when the temperatures are falling. You’ll know your body’s tolerance for cold. You will be able to judge the harshness of the winter in the location, as well as the duration of the sunlight that your property receives throughout the day. A location that receives little sunlight can sometimes create a ruthless winter experience. Your stay in Uttarakhand during the snowfall can give you a fair idea about water availability and location access. When searching for a unique location, you don’t want to find yourself cut off with no access to water, electricity, or roads during the height of the winter.

Take advantage of the best real estate deals

Real estate developers typically start preparing to wrap up the year in the winters and start pushing sales with incentives, freebies, and discounts. In fact, it is a common practise across sectors, not just real estate.

Unlike summers, when the hill locations are crowded, winter visits are sparse. This is the best time for you to explore projects, negotiate, and bag the deal for your Uttarakhand property at the best possible price. You should take advantage of this opportunity to explore projects, bargain, and secure the best deal for your hill station property.

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