Vacation Home Not Just A Status Symbol

Having a second home or vacation home in hills is traditionally considered a status symbol. It is often seen as an asset affordable only by the elite class. But over a period of time, the concept of vacation homes has evolved and the biggest reason that they have become popular is because of the experience that one could possibly not get anywhere else. With the city life becoming more and more chaotic and busy, real estate developers have thoughtfully developed projects in cities that are peaceful, serene and pollution-free.

The same reason has also proven to attract buyers today and make a steady income out of these vacation homes. Having a holiday getaway is no more seen as class specific as people are willing to get their own homes in hills, away from the hustle & bustle of the city life. Majority of buyers, however, include upper segment such as NRIs, retired government officials, businessmen with high disposable income.

But the real estate developers have developed many projects that are quite affordable. Looking at the trend of buying or investing in apartments in hills, prices are comparatively lower in certain locations. Connectivity is the deciding factor as to where to look for a property in hills. Most preferred destinations are Shimla, Dehradun and Nainital.These peaceful places have holiday homes, luxury villas and apartments which attract buyers.

Nainital has some of the most beautiful locations and projects that fits every requirement as well as budget. The prices are lower as compared to similar properties in other metro cities. You will find some of the premium residential projects that offer splendid view along with all the amenities. It is much like investing in any other property, only difference is that a holiday home in Nainital is like a dream – scenic beauty, calm atmosphere and lush greens to give you company.

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