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As the year is coming to an end, it bids farewell to the scorching climate, the exhausting, merciless heat waves and welcomes the chilly, festive winters with a sweet hope that appeases the soul. The season marks vacations, celebrations, and flow of a new energy which is overflowing with the thought of a prolonged break ahead. The only question popping up our minds this season is- What are the Best Places to visit in Christmas?

Christmas is the time which brings the entire family together to create some special moments which they can cherish for a lifetime. This array of happiness and excitement truly deserves a destination which goes perfect with the celebration, and what could be better than celebrating this Christmas amid the beautiful hills of Uttarakhand? The snow capped mountains and the clear, vast sky shimmering with stars, gives you a perfect essence of this festival.

Uttarakhand, popularly known as Devbhoomi, boasts of serene, exotic, awe-inspiring and economical destinations that would be a definite help in getting over the summer heat. Being relatively unexplored, Uttarakhand is the most promising Christmas Destination and won’t cease to surprise you. So if you are planning a short vacation this Christmas, it is time to unravel the beauty of Uttarakhand.

Talking about winters in Uttarakhand, many natural and picturesque places emerge on our minds. Places like Nianital, Auli and Musoorie have been quite popular in attracting the tourists for their Christmas holidays, but why stick to the same places again and again? This time do something different and experience some unexplored and breathtaking places to quench your thirst and discover what sets these rustic places apart from the overcrowded holiday destinations.

The best thing about the winters is snowfall. The mesmerizing sight of tiny snowflakes covering the earth’s surface attracts many tourists to enjoy a white Christmas. So if you wish to experience some good snowfall this year, destinations like Mukteshwar and Ranikhet are the best options for you! If you desire to be amid the alluring white landscape and celebrate like no one else is watching you, then nothing else can be a better Christmas gift for you and your family. The long and exotic walking trails, with local sightseeing and adventure sports like skiing, make Ranikhet and Mukteshwar the prime winter destinations in Uttarakhand.

Another place just 40 km away from Mukteshwar which is a famous Christmas destination for tourists is Bhimtal. Surrounded by lush green forests and a beautiful lake, and just a few kilometers away from Nainital is a must visit destination this Christmas.

Whether you are planning your honeymoon or an adventure trip this winter, Bhimtal surely tops the list. Located 1370 meters above sea level, this hill station envelops itself in a tranquil, misty blanket which makes the whole atmosphere pleasing for people wanting to escape the busy city life. Owing to this, there are many tour packages that are created keeping the Christmas and New Year’s Eve in mind.Many people coming from different parts of the country get the opportunity to celebrate Christmas with pomp, zeal and enthusiasm; and also get a taste of different customs and traditions which adds an interesting flavor to the celebration of Christmas.

A reason why places like Nainital and Auli have failed to impress people lately is the extreme weather conditions faced by people during snowfall in these places. The temperature stoops down to -3℃ and the entire towns get swallowed by snow; blocking the roads and making the life come to a standstill. After all, who would want to spend his holiday locked inside a room, just watching the snow outside? Therefore places with heavy snowfall are never recommended to the tourists to visit during winters. But at the same time, the places lying in the vicinity of Nainital like Sattal and Naukuchiyatal attract a large number of tourists during the Christmas season. The Christian Ashram in Sattal, popular for its unspoilt peaceful environment is a hub for people especially in the Christmas eve. Outside the hustle and bustle of the city, this isolated holiday retreat is famous for its Christmas celebrations. These captivating places have everything you require for a complete vacation. From pristine lakes to aw-inspiring locations to architecture of the British era, they take you back to the period of Santa Claus.

As the winter approaches, while people eagerly wait for a white Christmas, Weather Gods send the gifts in advance. Places like Ramgarh and Dhanachuli experience a fair amount of snowfall before Christmas thus becoming new hotspots for tourists browsing through the list of winter destinations. Tourists can easily access these pristine snow beauties and can experience the cover of white smeared all over the land. Full of panoramic sights, the view of majestic Himalayas and forests covered by old oaks and pines, Ramgarh and Dhanachuli make ideal destinations and romantic getaways. The cold winter sunshine spreading in the thin breezy air with the breathtaking sight of Himalayas in the backdrop is a not-to-be-missed charm.

Uttarakhand is definitely a perfect stopover for people this winter. With an awesome cool weather, it is time to pack your bags, and welcome Christmas in the picturesque hill stations of Uttarakhand. Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas!

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