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When the monotonous schedule and the never ending work take up its toll, and the pressure can’t be handled anymore, it is time to pack your bags and escape to the lap of nature, and what place can be better than vacating in the alluring hills of Nainital. Located at a height of 6360 feet above sea level, it has been described as the land of true beauty and spirituality which can even calm the most restless soul. It is the home of majestic mountains, lush green forests, pure, placid lakes and deep gorging rivers. Its beautiful landscape can take anyone’s breath away, a view which no other place can offer.

Due to this reason, the mesmerizing district of Nainital attracts many Real Estate Agencies to setup their projects in the mountains and a large crowd from all over the world to build a second home and nestle with the natural and pollution free beauty away from the hustle and bustle of cities. Apart from the numerous attractions, it is also the climate of this place, the pleasantly warm summers, the cool winters accompanied by snowfall which lets its residents enjoy the irresistible scenic beauty.

Commonly referred to – “The Lake District”, this popular place houses 12 lakes. They not only attract the tourists for water sports but also for religious significance. Almost all the lakes in Nainital are associated with the local legends and tales believed widely by the local people. Apart from the placid lakes there are many other places of interest including the Mukteshwar, Almora, Bhimtal, Ranikhet, Sattal the list being endless. These attractive spots allow you to enjoy the ecstatic sunrise, humungous snow clad Himalayas during the day, and the twinkling stars in the vast clear skies during night, which can never be experienced in the cities filled with the polluted gases released from the industries and the huge sky scrapers.

The four areas of development in Nainital region are:

Bhimtal Lake

The major attraction in Bhimtal is the Bhimtal Lake with an island in the middle which houses a beautiful large aquarium. It is one of the largest lakes in Nainital and is named after Bhima, a mythological character of Mahabharata. It draws the attraction of the leisure and adventure seeking tourist. It has gained a large popularity due to its vicinity to Nainital and also for the reason that property is comparatively cheaper than Nainital. Moreover if you are an adventure enthusiast, Bhimtal has to offer you numerous adventures like paragliding, sail boating, yachting and trekking. The real estate agencies offer beautiful gated complex’s and large villas and apartments for a peaceful yet thrilling summer escape. One can enjoy his utmost privacy in individual cottages or flats while getting a clear view of Bhimtal Lake.

Nainital Lake

Another major lake in the district is the Nainital Lake which lies amidst the spellbinding town of Nainital. The clear water is home to various species of fish like ‘Mahasher’. It is famous for boating. According to an ancient lore, the lake is said to be formed when the angry Lord Shiva dropped the eyes of his beloved dead wife, Sati. Its peculiar pear shape attracts a large number of tourists every year. But seeing its present overcrowded condition and the massive increase in construction, the Lake Development authority (LDA) has abolished any new construction in Nainital, so if you are thinking to own a dream house in Nainital, you will have to settle with an old one. This has lead many real estate agencies to shift their focus in the nearby areas like Mukteshwar, Bhowali and Sattal for their construction projects.

Sattal Lake

Sattal, meaning seven Lakes, is a group of mysteriously and beautifully interconnected small lakes situated near nainital. The seven lakes include Nal-Damyanti, Laxman, Panna, Purna, Sita, Khurdariya and Garurd tal and are also termed as virgin lakes. It proudly sits in the beautiful Mehragaon valley amidst the dense corniferous trees and old oaks. It boasts a botanical garden being setup in its vicinity. It is preferred by many people as their second home due to its unspoiled and unpolluted beauty. And if you are an ardent bird watcher or a keen photographer, this place is best suited for your vacation home. It is also recommended by many professionals like musicians, writers, artists and poets to create their masterpiece in this untouched beauty away from the crowd. Over the past few years Sattal has emerged as one of the best choices by leading real estate empires to set up their residential projects and offer a wide range of choice to their clients like flats, independent cottages, apartments and gated complexes near Sattal.

Naukuchiyatal Lake

The crystalline and clear lake with nine corners as the name suggests. As a mythological tale suggests, if one sees all the nine corners at once, he is said to attain immortality. It is fed by the perennial spring and surrounded by the beautiful flora and fauna and attracts a large crowd for bird watching and relaxing amidst nature. The place provides ample opportunity for rowing, yachting and fishing. It is best suited for businessmen, foreigners, groups or even solo. This small picturesque lake has attracted the interests of many influential real estate agencies to build villas and large residential cottages in its vicinity and allowing its residents to lose themselves in the beauty of nature.

Places like Bhimtal, Sattal, Bhowali and Mukteshwar are one of the most visited and demanded places for housing purpose. The cool weather prevailing throughout the year, the peaceful environment away from the irritating noise of the vehicles, and an opportunity to experience nature and wildlife from very close, they offer it all. Living here can be described as a life-long vacation.Bhimtal and Sattal have been listed as one of the most liked places in Uttarakhand for residential development. This is mainly due to the availability of water and easy maintenance and accessibility to electricity which otherwise is a major issue in other hilly areas. The projects are also listed in the safe zone by Town Planning Authority unlike some places which are prone to earthquakes and thus pose a risk to high rise buildings, thus the construction stand a chance of getting demolished by the Lake Development Authority. Another major reason why big construction firms choose these places for work is that they do not have to face the challenges caused due to snowfall as these places have a pleasant climate throughout the year, yet the residents can enjoy snowfall by visiting places like Dhanachuli and Nainital which are not very far off.Recently there has been a large increase in demand for property in Sattal and Bhimtal especially by NRI and residents or metropolitan cities like Delhi. The real estate caters the need of people by providing beautiful villas and luxurious cottages and apartments, and at the same time also sees to the needs of people who are interested in a small investment by giving them the option of free hold plots, 1 BHK flats, Studios and apartments at affordable prices and providing good maintenance facilities even after purchasing the house.Owning a house in the hills is not just an addition to your property, but a pure dedication, enjoying a peaceful and spiritual environment and a superior quality of life.

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